A vision is an intention


I am finally resurfacing after my launch on 8/8. I didn’t realize how much effort and energy I was putting into Vision Cartography until the website launched and all I wanted to do was disconnect. I needed a break, and I gave myself one.

That was part of my vision for the launch, although I didn’t realize it until now. As I said in my last post, we all have different ways of seeing. I don’t always have a clear vision of what I’m working toward. But I am very clear on HOW I want to be/think/feel – and the fact that it’s completely different from my old way of operating (struggle until you succeed – and you’re always struggling to succeed at something) makes me a visionary.

My launch day was one of the best days I’ve had all year.

At midnight, I popped a bottle of champagne and toasted the “birth” of my vision as I flipped the switch. What was a simple task (it literally took me 5 seconds) became a celebration because I chose to make it that way, which is as much a part of my vision as the clients I work with or the services I provide. Part of my personal vision is the way I experience my work, and my vision is for it to be infused with joy.

I didn’t set an alarm the next morning and stayed in bed an extra hour watching guilty pleasure TV before making a cup of coffee and reading a book in the hot tub – one of the most indulgent ways I know to start the day. Only after that did I check my email to find that three people had already emailed me about working with me, and it wasn’t even 9am yet! I screamed and yelled and felt abundant (my theme for the year).

I played on social media, letting my various networks know about the launch and interacting with friends that were spreading the word. It felt like a huge party.

I took a break to go for a run and jumped straight into the pool when I got back (I was staying at my dad’s house – what I call my vacation home – so was thoroughly able to enjoy the nice summer weather and awesome amenities of my childhood home), made a delicious lunch, and went back online for a little bit to keep playing with my community and reveling in the joy of being DONE.

At 2pm I signed off and drove up the California coast – a spectacularly sunny day where I kept freaking out because I felt so lucky – and spent the rest of the weekend offline. I didn’t check my email until Monday morning. I didn’t look at my stats to see how many people had visited my page.

A vision is an intention

Launch it and leave it.

By stepping away from my computer, it made my launch about putting my vision out into the world and celebrating my contribution rather than making it about the numbers – hits, mentions, sales. And it felt really good, really genuine, and really aligned.

Reflecting back on my launch, I hadn’t had a specific plan of what my dream launch day would look like. But as I drove up the coast, I realized I was living it. And it’s because while the specifics of my vision for my business aren’t clear, I am very clear on the “how” – how I operate, how I work, how I contribute, how I create an experience for my clients. My Compass.

And by holding that vision, even when it’s not particularly clear WHAT it will look like, and living aligned with my principles and values, I set an intention that somehow created itself without me doing anything but staying headed toward my True North.

I know sometimes you may feel like you don’t know what your vision is and that’s scary – if you don’t know WHAT you want, then how on earth are you going to create it? My advice is start with HOW you want – how you want to feel, how you want to show up, how you want to others to feel interacting with you, how you want the world to work.

This might seem counterintuitive to a lot of the advice out there about manifesting – you’re supposed to set the intention and let the universe take care of the HOW. But there are two kinds of HOW:

  • The practical HOW, the means of getting from one place to the other, of creating something, of achieving a goal.
  • The quality HOW, the way in which you get from one place to the other, create something, achieve a goal, live your life.

My HOW for Vision Cartography is to feel joy when I’m working, to be inspired by my clients, to feel I am being of highest service, and to experience overflowing fullness – abundance – in all areas of my life and business. Daily, I take action to be in alignment with those desires, even if I’m not sure WHAT I’m supposed to do. I’m really clear on HOW I want to do it.

This is how creating a vision is setting an intention. If you create a vision that includes the quality HOW, you create the pathway to achieve your vision – and the practical HOW will unfold in front of you. You may not be realizing that you’re doing it at the time (much like I was during my launch).

The first step to really getting clear on your HOW is to uncover what you’re working toward – your True North – and your fundamental principles and values. This is what I do during my Vision Compass Sessions and afterward you can use this tool to guide you as you find your way to the WHAT.