About vision cartography

The world needs visionaries

Visionaries propel the evolution of the planet. Each visionary has a different way of seeing. Some have a crystal clear vision of what they are meant to create. Others, like me, don’t realize that they are a visionary. They create by default, not seeing that the act of creating anything requires vision – and makes you a visionary. Whether its something big like putting a man on the moon or small like creating a new recipe that brings together flavors in an entirely new way, each creation – each vision that comes to life – is fundamental to our collective expansion.

Visionaries need support.

No one can do it alone – we need each other. We each have unique talents and inherent gifts. Some people are made to be visionaries. Some people are made to support visionaries to be able to create their vision. As my dad says, “difference is what makes the world go round.” We need each other not only because our differences complement each other and give each other what we need, but also because we need support, collaboration, and connection to do our best work.

The short version of how I got here

I always knew I was meant to do something, but I wasn’t sure what IT was. In the journey to find the perfect fit, I traveled the world, got a lot of education, and had some amazing adventures and experiences – leaving me with what felt like a lot of disparate skills, talents, and passions. I was a straight-A student, double majoring in Sociology and Global Studies in college and graduating with more honors than would fit on my gown. I backpacked alone for 9 months, traveling to 20 countries. I have a Masters of Public Health from one of the top universities in the country and worked at an international non-profit designing and evaluating programs to save women from dying in childbirth in Africa. I’ve created health programs from the ground-up, adult-learning based trainings, impact evaluations, five-year strategic plans, and organizational evaluation metrics and systems. I’ve spoken at conferences across the globe and worked in over 10 countries.

Feeling like there was still something more, I quit my job after 5 years without a clue of what to do next and began studying yoga, tantra, and transformational coaching. I kept looking for the one thing that was my “it”. What I learned was that my one thing didn’t exist – I had to create it for myself. Vision Cartography was born. I pulled my strategic planning, design thinking, and qualitative research from my Public Health days and combined it with my strong intuition, love of aesthetics, and work as a transformational coach and strategy consultant.

January 11, 2017