Finding Motivation Within

Finding motivation within is difficult when job loss, human-induced and natual disasters, and a down economy are in the news day after day. This creates a situation where fear is driving the decision-making process. Burn-out happens when there is seemingly nothing left to celebrate.

Finding Motivation Within is Priceless

Finding MotivationFinding motivation within is priceless because it does not rely on an outside source of daily life. The world can be crumbling all around and still motivation can be found any time, any place…within. This sparks the individual to feel content when a general attitude of discontentment abounds elsewhere. There is no supplement for happiness, and it can be found within for free.

It is easy to find motivation within. When it’s found, a whole new world of opportunities opens up. Things that seemed too hard and out of reach, suddenly seem possible. It takes a little effort to realize results, but it’s worth it. The list of potentials below will serve as suggestions to get started.

  • Set a personal goal.Goals should be obtainable and enjoyable. If it is both of these, it will be motivating for the mind and body, nourishing for the soul and act as a natural mood-booster. Goals can be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental in nature. For example: Find a book club and become a member for a year. Sign up to run a 5K race and train for 3 months leading up to the race. Research a charity and donate time, money or other resources for an allotted amount of time. Set a goal to meditate for 10 minutes every morning when waking up.
  • Spice up work life.Decreasing motivation in work life can be devastating. Spice up work life to keep things fresh and interesting. Find a work related professional group such as Toastmasters and join. Volunteer to be on a committee to organize the company picnic. Befriend a new hire and show them around.
  • Plan a trip.Even if the trip is never taken, valuable cultural information will be learned. Stay positive and engaged in the search; some dreams are attainable! Research what types of foods are eater at the destination. What sorts of lodging is available? Conduct a web search of images and photos of the destination. How would one get there?
  • Become an observer of nature.Listen to the wind blowing through the trees. Watch the bee collecting nectar. Taste the fresh basil growing in your garden. Nature doesn’t need motivation, it rains and plants grow, the breeze carries seeds and transplants them elsewhere. The bear gets hungry and looks for food. Find motivation in these very simple acts of stimulus and response in nature.

Motivation doesn’t have to come from a pat on the back at work. In fact, more satisfaction is found in goals that are set and achieved when they are not mandatory. Fight burn out and find great satisfaction by motivating from within.