You are a Visionary

You are a Visionary

This year has been quite a journey for me. At the end of 2013, I felt ready for the next stage in my business’s evolution but I had no idea where I was headed. All I could tell was that I needed to bring more of me to my offerings to clients – my analytical/organizational brain and my intuitive heart.

I realized I needed to create something new because nothing existed yet that used all of me. Looking back now I see that that realization makes me a visionary – even though I didn’t see myself as one at the time.

Working with a powerful mentor and several loving test clients, my new business emerged: Vision Cartography, creative strategy mapping for visionaries. I felt strongly that I wanted to work with people who inspired me with their vision, and that my role was to help bring that vision to life.


Vision Cartography has barely changed since I first developed it – the branding, concept, and method are all the same – but it’s taken me six months to launch the business for one simple reason: I didn’t see myself as a visionary. I thought I was solely a “right hand woman”, here to bring other people’s vision to life without having one of my own. There is nothing wrong with that role. In fact, it’s very necessary for visionaries to do their work in the world.

I got stuck because I didn’t see myself as a visionary, and believed that powerful people wouldn’t want to work with someone who didn’t have a vision of their own. I had a narrow definition of visionary that kept me from seeing myself as one until I realized that we are all visionaries, we just “see” in different ways. (tweet it)

Some people have powerful foresight into the future and work tirelessly to create that reality. Others feel the impulse to create without knowing exactly what the end product will look like. Both are visionaries because in order to create anything, a vision must exist. For some people it is unconscious, and the vision only emerges as part of the creative process.

You are a visionary if you:

  1. Write
  2. Are an entrepreneur
  3. Create a new recipe
  4. Make music
  5. Take photographs
  6. Create anything new that doesn’t exist, even if it’s a new way of giving a PowerPoint presentation
  7. A visionary is someone who creates something new, even if they aren’t aware of what they’re doing. Whether you see your vision clearly and then make it a reality or see your vision after you’ve organically created it – YOU ARE A VISIONARY.

Does this change how you see yourself?

Owning that you are a visionary is powerful. You become a conscious creator. You feel stronger, more confident. You invite in growth and challenge. And your visions – whether you knew you had them or not – begin coming to life.

So, today, I want you to declare that you are a Visionary. In the comments below, complete this sentence: “I am a visionary because…”

To help me celebrate the launch of my new business, I want you to declare that you are a Visionary. In the comments on the blog, complete this sentence: “I am a visionary because…” and share on Twitter and Facebook. Spread the word. The more people who realize they are visionaries, the more visions come to life, and the faster we all evolve together.